Thursday, March 3, 2011

Morning Surprise?

Tell you what !!
A few days ago I simply go and join the contest on WorldCard Malaysia fb page
"I Love Shopping Contest!"
Sentence I manage to complete for the contest:
I LOVE to shop at Genting, LOVE to breath at Genting, LOVE to drink at Genting & LOVE to ENJOY my free time at Genting !!

and today I just go there to have a look and notice the announcement of "Congratulations Winners, 30 + Additional 20!!!"
GUESS what?
I saw my name there as one of the winner!!


I Love Shopping Contest!

Winners are entitle for One (01) Night Stay at First World Hotel Deluxe Room (Check in this Saturday) 5th - 6th Mar 2011

Ooops, I get a night stay there!! The first time I feel winning is so terrible !! @@
Because I just went there last week.. huh~~
Every time we need to pay for the stay and now is free yet I am wondering!!

In order for me to get this treat i think i need to kill someone !! THESIS !!

Well, overall thanks for giving me the free stay !! Love ya !!

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